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The picturesque Old Town: Plenty of cheap beer and great food to be had

Sports / Rugby Tour to Warsaw

Sophie Webber, BA


Sports / Rugby Tour to Warsaw

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, boasts an array of impressively rejuvenated architecture, beautifully quirky plazas, and a lively nightlife. If a Polish Rugby Tour appeals you, Warsaw is your city of choice.

The Polish city has a deep history which radiates from its walls, making it an extremely compelling choice of destination. Warsaw is a happening city which is just waiting to be discovered.

Have you considered a Rugby Tour to the Polish capital?

Let us take a wander through everything Warsaw has to offer, and show you why it needs to be your next European tour destination.

A guide to Warsaw Old Town

In the organisation of your Rugby Tour, exploring the Old Town will be high on the list.

A visit to The Old Town District is an absolute must.

As the most beautiful and colourful part of the city, Warsaw’s Old Town is a historical marvel in itself. As you leisurely explore the district you will discover quirky houses, cobblestone streets and beautiful plazas. At the heart of the Old Town District you will find the Old Town Market Place, a place which resembles Warsaw’s cultural background. Once a site for political speeches and executions, it was tragically destroyed by the German Army in WWII. It is now packed with delicious traditional Polish restaurants, quaint and open-air cafes and talented portrait painters. The unique beauty of the area makes it a treasure of the city.

The Capital Reconstruction Bureau re-built this part of Warsaw after the devastation the war brought, using old sketches of what the city looked like pre-devastation. It is an absolutely stunning city today, one which is rich in culture and fascinating history. The following link is well worth bookmarking, just before tour, for a list of proper pubs in the old town.

Warsaw Old Town: The area is lined with great pubs to share a friendly beer with the locals from dusk til dawn.

Where to go out in Warsaw

The capital is transformed in to an urban city of sparkling lights with an excitingly vibrant atmosphere. It is the best city to go out in when in Poland.

Warsaw boasts an endless amount of boho bars, energetic clubs, big name DJ sets and all-night after parties which are all waiting to be experience. You will experience a quality night out in some of the most stylish and happening places in town. Bars stay open late and you won’t have to dig too deep in to your pockets as the pound goes far. Drinks will be flowing without much damage (or at least as far as your budget is concerned).

The beauty about a night out in Warsaw is the fact it is yet to be discovered by many, making your nights out exclusive and unique.

The best bars and clubs in Warsaw

Cheap, cheerful: Drinkers can expect more for their money in the bars of Warsaw.

No one wants to waste time during a Rugby Tour to Poland. With such variety of places to choose from on a night out, it can be overwhelming. Here is a list of the best places well-worth checking out:

Paparazzi: The stylish bar where you’ll find the girls dressed to impress, the best cocktails in town and music that carries in to the night and on until the early hours.

Polyester Café: This hipster bar is close to the beautiful Old Town District and worth popping in for a casual drink or to start your evening.

Opera: A night out with a difference. Opera is a club which you’ll find in the cellars of the National Opera of The Grand Theatre. The long corridors and hidden rooms are curiously enticing and make for a quirky night out for all.

Klubo Kawiarnia: If there’s one club that should be top of your list it's Klubo Kawiarnia. As exciting as its name, this club has an unbeatable atmosphere and is renowned to be one of the best nights out in Warsaw. Ladies get in for free and receive free drinks. Located in the centre of Warsaw, close to the metro station, it makes it an easy destination to navigate your way home from. It’s no wonder why the club is so immensely popular.

The best excursions in Warsaw

So you’ve discovered the charming Old Town District, experienced the highly energetic atmosphere of Warsaw after sundown – yet there is still so much to explore of the Polish capital.

It’s hard to believe that such magnificent architecture was once rubble on the ground after devastation from the Russians and Germans in WWII and the landmarks which rose after the devastation are impressive.

The heart of Warsaw is The Royal Castle. This castle has a palace-like structure, which was reconstructed from the bottom. The impeccable standard of the rebuild is due to the amount of money placed in to it. Its stature is something to be admired, and is clear why it was suitable and fit for both Polish kings and presidential figures.

Another incredible landmark is The Presidential Palace, which radiates elegance and class from its walls. It has been rebuilt and remodelled after its devastation by the Nazi’s and Russians, but is still incredibly impressive in stature. The palace is home to the current Polish president Andrzej Duda and his family and is a popular site visited by tourists.

There are also a variety of theatres and museums to enrich your knowledge and perfect if you’re a lover of the arts. The Grand Theatre and Museums are plenty if you want to experience some deep and spine tingling Polish culture. The Museum of Modern Art if overflowing with impressive contemporary Polish art, and can be admired by everyone. Admission is completely free, making it the perfect low-cosy day-time activity.

The Theatre Museum is also an interesting visit. It collects artefacts from right across Poland and is valuable to the history of theatre. The perfect experience to sharpen your own cultural knowledge.

Warsaw is a city steeped in both old and recent history - quite unlike any other city.
Warsaw is packed with amazing smokehouse and grills. Perfect to wash down with a Polish beer.

The best places to eat in Warsaw

There is some speculation about Polish food. ‘Milk Bars’ (don’t be deceived by the name) serve up traditional and extremely cheap Polish food. Do not be put off by the bland look and colour, this food is absolutely delicious! Eat like a local.

There are also a wide range of other restaurants as the Polish palette is developing. If you need some inspiration on where to go, check out this list of a few top places to eat in Warsaw:

Warszawski Sznyt: This mouthful of a restaurant will get you filling your mouth – full with delicious food. Its location means you are able to see the Old Town and the Royal Castle, making it the best restaurant with the best view in the city. Check out the awesome menu for yourself!

Czerwony Wieprez: This food place is extremely popular with both visitors and the locals, making it a trustworthy place to choose to eat. It represents a piece of Warsaw’s history itself, as was the place where members of the communist movement would meet.

Thaisty: Fancy a bit of a change from the Polish cuisine? This Thai restaurant located in the Old Town is highly rated

Hard Rock Café: This one is for people who may not feel so adventurous when they travel. Warsaw has the chain in the city to satisfy any cravings for your American classics

The Warsaw Rugby Festival

Warsaw’s Rugby Festival combines the competitive aspect of Rugby, and some extreme festival fun. The festival kicks off from the 26th-28th May 2017 offering the incredible opportunity of 3 days of partying and 2 days of competitive rugby.

Warsaw’s Rugby Festival attracts crowds and teams from across the world. Warsaw’s own rugby club have worked tirelessly to bring tours the ultimate social rugby experience.

The 2017 edition better than ever! Many rugby amateurs will flock to the Polish Capital from various parts of the globe for what will be a truly memorable experience.

Get a feel for the fun antics to be had at the festival by peeking at the Warsaw Rugby 2017 festival promo vid!

Warsaw’s rise from the rubble to a top travel destination is admirable. It has flourished from a city which suffered 85% devastation by the Nazi’s post-war to becoming one of the upcoming financial capitals of Europe. The preservation of the beauty of the architecture and cultural markers are things which need to be viewed in person. It is a remarkable destination for an unforgettable city break.

Have the time of your life in this remarkable European destination and an unforgettable city break.

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