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Rimini: Sandy beaches, cheap drinks, Italian architecture and lively nights

Sports / Rugby Tour to Rimini

Sophie Webber, BA


Sports / Rugby Tour to Rimini

If you want a Rugby Tour somewhere hot, sunny and lively; Rimini is the tour destination for you. Rimini is the Italian beach resort that offers a new and vibrant Italian experience. It is the ultimate beach break.

The seaside resort is renowned for its everlasting sandy beaches, energetic nightlife and its extra helping of Italian culture. Rimini is the place to both relax in the day and let your hair down in the evenings. The resort is an extremely popular sweet spot for the Italians themselves.

This Italian beach resort is the current place to visit in Italy. It attracts many youngsters and party-lovers, and is far from a boring place to visit. Rimini is the place to even out those British T-Shirt tan lines.

Here’s a breakdown of all you want to know about Rimini; the beach, the exciting nightlife and a few interesting cultural markers that you may want to have a look at during the day. An Italian Rugby Tour to Rimini is definitely a good idea...

Where are the best beaches in Rimini

Rimini: Warm blue seas, hot white sand; shaded medieval town, towering Appenine backdrop.

The best beaches in Rimini

Picture blissfully lying on a sandy beach absorbing the heat from the sun, having a drink on one side and your friends on the other, sparkling ocean as far as the eye can see and a dramatically eye-catching view of the Apennine Mountains behind you. This is the reality of the Italian beaches which you will find during your stay in Rimini.

Boasting over nine miles of beach, there is an endless amount of space for all visitors to relish. There is an abundance of sun loungers, cafes and sporting activities all at hand to make your beach day as pleasurable as possible. The refreshing sea is shallow and so ideal for a paddle and to cool off.
Map of the best beaches in Rimini...

There is so much more to do than lie on the beach tanning it up. If you and your mates get a bit restless, then Rimini has a variety of activities to enjoy, including amusement arcades, mini golf and a dolphinarium.

There are some useful tips to note in your decision about which beach to hit. The beaches located in the North of Rimini are protected from waves by a breakwater, so ideal for those who may prefer a tranquil sea and calm dip. There are also ‘free’ and ‘pay’ beaches. So if you’ve got a little extra cash to splash then you pay for extras such as sunbeds, volleyball courts and tennis courts. Of course you do not have to pay if you do not wish, you can lie on your towel and take in the sunshine free of charge!

If you want a little more privacy some of the beaches are private for the guests of the hotels - something worth considering when deciding where you want to spend your trip.

There is one must-do beach activity which will be a highlight of your trip - wake up early, head down to the beach and watch the gorgeous sunrise surrounded by your favourite people. A walk (or run if you are feeling active) across the beach is the best way to start the day. The ideal way to take in the beauty of Italy.
Rimini is THE place for Italian nightlife. Don't expect too many quiet ones...

The best bars and clubs in Rimini

The stylish bars and clubs and vibrant atmosphere secure Rimini as the ‘clubbing capitol’ of Italy. After doing some well-deserved relaxing on the beach, it’s definitely time to experience a night out Italian-style.

The Italians begin their festivities and socialising activities late (11pm-ish), so resting up in the day is almost a must to prepare yourself for some inevitable late night antics. The energetic atmosphere of Rimini after the sun goes down is spectacular. This is what gives Rimini a different vibe to other Italian cities, as people really let their hair down after a long day.

Time and money are precious, so to make the most of both knowing the best places to go is a must. The most popular and happening nightclubs found in Rimini are:

Carnaby: Carnaby is an extremely happening club. It consists of a bar, a terrace and a sea view balcony. After relaxing and having fun all day, it is the ideal place to have even more fun.

Baia Imperiale: This club is uniquely situated on top of the hills, offering a panoramic view of the sea whilst you dance the night away. You don’t get those kind of views back in the UK!

Coconuts: As exotic as its name. Coconuts has a cool open air bar, a variety of music, and a reputation as one of Rimini’s best nightclubs

Altromondo Studios: Head to Altromondo if you want a lively night to remember. The club consistently hosts events to ensure that your night out is top class. These clubs are all notorious for their reputation of being the best in town, and guarantee to make your night a memorable one.
The view from San Marino on Rimini

The best excursions in Rimini

Rimini may be renowned for its enticing sandy beaches and late night partying, but if you wander in the historical walled town you will discover a display of unique Italian culture. The artistic architecture of the city is encompassed with famous Roman and Renaissance monuments.

The Augustus Arch, built in 220 BC marks the entrance in to Rimini, is well worth visiting and adds a bit of history to your experience. Along with the Arch, the beautifully preserved and important monument The Tempio Malatestiano should also be on your must-do list. The Tempio Malatestiano is a 13th century Gothic style cathedral transformed in to a renaissance Taj Mahal for the tomb of Isotto degli Atti, who was the mistress of rogue ruler Sigismondo Malatesta. Visiting these monuments will definitely add to your knowledge of Italian history.

Along with some iconic historical monuments, Rimini has many Piazzas where you will find restaurants and bars to sample the loved Italian pasta dishes and wines. After enjoying the delicious traditional cuisine, grabbing an ice cream from Gelateria Romana is a must. They make hundreds of flavours to the freshest quality.

Exploring Rimini is just as un-stressful as relaxing on the beach sun loungers. There are 13 urban bus lines, 9 suburban bus lines, and a trolley bus line which connects Rimini’s city centre with nearby seaside resort Riccione. It is beyond easy to make your way around and visit the surrounding areas.

Key information for Rimini

Average price for taxis, beer and food in Rimini.
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