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Your Dutch adventure is all but a short flight away

Sports / Rugby Tour to Holland

Sophie Webber, BA


Where to go on sports / rugby tour in Holland

The Netherlands is a country which is renowned for having some of the most interestingly unique and lively cities in the world, all just waiting to be enjoyed.

Holland, the most well-known province of the Netherlands, is a part of the county which sparks the most curiosity in potential visitors; it includes the intriguing cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. A Dutch Rugby Tour is guaranteed be a lively one – packed full of interesting history, cultural wonders and once-in-a lifetime experiences.

Sports / Rugby Tour to Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the trendy and lively Dutch tour destination and buzzing capital of the Netherlands.

The city has beautiful architecture, an indescribable quirky vibe, and a distinct character which determines it as disparate to any other city break. When you first picture Amsterdam, a few stereotypes of the city may spring to mind. Yet, the city actually has so much more on offer, making your sport tour an exciting expedition.

The best excursions in Amsterdam

Wandering around the city is an experience in itself. There is a distinct edginess to the quaint colourful buildings, pretty streets, quirky cafes and the beautifully peaceful canal. By exploring the city by day, you will feel its warm character and welcoming vibe. The artistic nature of Amsterdam’s museums, galleries and theatres prove its position as a key cultural centre of Europe.

View some of the best international art in the world and enhance your cultural knowledge by visiting the most famous museums in Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art and the Van Gogh Museum.

Visiting The Anne Frank Museum is an absolute must. It is one of the most moving experiences, and one highly recommended to do if visiting the Dutch capital. Taking a trip back to such an important part of history will give you goose bumps.

Would you rather get around the city with two feet or two wheels? With more bikes than people in the city, you can blend in with the locals and hire a bike yourself to explore the city on.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a complete trip to the ‘Dam without a picture with the ‘I amsterdam’ stature; so don’t forget!

The best places to eat in Amsterdam

It seems that eating out for breakfast is becoming increasingly popular. Get a taste for the food in Amsterdam, and you’ll want to do a food tour of the city. Eating out for breakfast (or brunch if you’re a late riser) is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re on the hunt for a satisfying breakfast you should definitely visit:

De Bakkerswinkel: The best place to head for a hearty breakfast. Ideal if you something delicious to soothe any hangovers, or simply refuel to carry on exploring the city. This café serves deliciously fragrant breads, jams, cheeses, meats and naughty pastries.

Greenwoods: This café is defined as one of the best places to go to eat to satisfy any cravings for a full English breakfast when you’re in the Dutch capital.

Bagels and Beans: A place where you can add anything you desire from a wide choice of options to your bagel. The place to get exactly what you want.

Amsterdam is THE Dutch city break that you need to get ticked off the bucket list, ASAP…

The best bars and clubs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is renowned as an EDM hub.

Amsterdam has a reputation to be a happening and electric place after dark, something any tour team desires. The spirit of the city comes to life after the sun goes down. The Dam possesses one of the most famous red light districts, some of the most quirky bars and buzzing clubs. The city after dark is just as diverse as it appears in the light, making it easy to construct your own ideal night out.

Enjoy its offerings from dusk to dawn in some of the best Dutch bars and clubs:

Air: The new club with an already shining reputation. Air nightclub offers a different vibe depending on the night you choose to hit it up.

Club Up: A club so secretive and discrete that it can only be found by following the excited queue for its entry. Club Up is spread across two floors, and is the place to go if you enjoy a bit of deep house on a night out. Get a feel of their vibe on their Facebook page.

The clubbing scene not your thing? Check out Amsterdam’s best cocktail bars instead: ales & Spirits, Porem, Door 74, The Butcher and C Bar (just to name a few!).

Amsterdam’s nightlife is so diverse, two nights out will never be the same. Head on in to the city after dark to make your own mark on Amsterdam.
The famous port city of Rotterdam.

Sports / Rugby Tour to Rotterdam

Rotterdam is emerging as one of the upcoming Dutch cities to travel to. The city possesses a slightly different vibe to the historic and quirky Amsterdam, and is also a great city for a Rugby tour in Holland.

Rotterdam is a city located in the Southern part of Holland. The city boasts some incredibly striking and new architecture, something to be admired after the devastation of many of the city’s historic sites during WWII. Take a walk through Rotterdam and it will quickly become clear why it is becoming one the most innovative Dutch cities which radiates a lively energy and modern vibe.

The best excursions in Rotterdam

A must-do in Rotterdam is exploring the outdoor art galleries of the city. This is probably the best ‘free’ experience to do in the Dutch city. You can feast your eyes on some of the most intriguing sculptures on the ‘sculpture route’ which runs alongside Rotterdam’s Westersingel Canal.

Rotterdam is a city which is defined by its location near the water, as it started as a medieval fishing village. Take a boat tour from the Leuvehoofd to view the cities marvellous skyline.

Head to the water and hire a hot tub boat. Yes, seriously. You can relax and take in the views of the cityscape whilst bobbing around the harbour in the most unique way possible! These little HotTugs need to be experienced: Rent a ‘HotTug’.

Rotterdam is the up and coming city break. It has the lively vibe and is certain not to disappoint.

The best bars and clubs in Rotterdam

Rotterdam may not be the capital of the Netherlands, but it is certainly the clubbing capital of Holland. Defined as the origin of dance and house music, it’s no wonder it’s the place to go to get lively with some of the best DJ’s around.

With most clubs in walking distance of each other, it’s easy to navigate the crew between the different party hotspots.

You need to head to the Stadhuisplein area to discover the best pubs to hit in Rotterdam. A few of the best clubs to hit for a lively night in this district are:

Get Back: Take a trip back to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Get Back will take you back a few decades.

Apres-Ski Hut: A lively and energetic pub. It has won awards for its attraction on a night out, making it a good place to hit on a night out.

If you are looking for a place filled with students, then café De Beurs is the place for you. It offers the chance for a cheap night and lively evening with some of the local students who are no rookie to the Dutch party scene.

A more chilled-out atmosphere can be found in the area of the Old Harbour. There are many bars blessed with the charm of the water. This spot makes for an awesome vibe for an unforgettable experience.

Rotterdam’s red light district is not quite so prominent in the city, but it certainly is still present.

Sports / Rugby Tour to Eindhoven

Eindhoven: a great student city and accessway to the Low-lands

Eindhoven, or ‘The City of Lights’, is the final city in Holland which is a fantastic Rugby Tour destination.

The growth of Eindhoven is down to the electronics giant Philips being originally founded in the city, showing its importance as a city. It is now one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands.

Eindhoven is a city with a vibrant atmosphere, intricate designs and a diverse vibe. It's the ideal hub for any Rugby tour, being a gateway to traditional Dutch host clubs in the lower-lands. Take your Rugby team to Eindhoven and you won’t be short of Dutch teams that are ready to take on a challenge.

Eindhoven is the underdog of the three cities. Lesser known than the other two, yet still an awesome city break for the best tour.

The best excursions in Eindhoven

Eindhoven has an array of activities and excursions to experience during the day. Why not try something a little different to the norm?

The Bottle Distillery is a must-do activity when visiting the Dutch city. A visit to the distillery is highly recommended by all those that visit. It offers the opportunity to visitors to both make AND try gin. They welcome both groups and individual. You can go return home boasting about your new knowledge.

The Feel Good Market is an event which happens on the third Sunday of every month. If your trip falls over that day, it is well-worth checking out. There is a wide variety of food, arts and gifts to browse and buy, so leave a little room in your suitcase!

Fancy doing something both active and a bit different whilst exploring this Dutch city? Bouldering at Monk BoulderGym is the thing to do. The gym has over 500m square of climbing wall, and more than 200 boulders.

The best bars and clubs in Eindhoven

Eindhoven has a diverse social scene and nightlife, meaning there is genuinely something which will appeal to everyone. It may not be the maddest Dutch city to go out in, but it certainly still has a cool and energetic vibe after the sun sets. To help you know the best part of the city for you, there are distinct districts which you should head for:

Stratumseind: This is the longest pub street in the whole of the Netherlands. From Thursday to Saturday, there is a street party which continues on until the early hours of the morning. It is easy to make your way down the street, finding the bar or club which gets you the most excited.

Domemelstraat: The ideal part of the city made for a slightly quieter time. This area is full of streets lined with patios, restaurants and bars – perfect for a chilled one with your mates.

Kleine Berg: This part of the city is great for a more intimate night out. This area is full of bars where you can easily chat with your mates over a few bevs a cool atmosphere.

The city really has something for everyone. Whether you prefer a more lively night or more laid-back night out, there is a part of Eindhoven which is ideal for you.

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