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The Rugby Man's story and values

The journey to setting up 'The Rugby Man' has been an unexpected one. When I became tour manager for my rugby club, in 2012, I was an experienced tourist. The previous tour manager stepped-aside due to family commitments, and the current one had less spare time available after a promotion or two, at work.

Now it was my turn to be tour manager. I had toured with the club all over Europe and to destinations as far afield as South Africa and China. Organising a tour should have been a doddle - right?

My first tour as manager went well. Beer was drunk, rugby played and club legends made. However, during the taxi to the airport in Berlin, at the end of the tour, something kept niggling me. Had we been ripped off?

We seemed to have paid a lot of money for very little. We had used a tour company but we hadn't received service or value for money. For me this meant that my team mates could have had more for their money. I resolved this wouldn't happen again.

From that point onward, I organised tour myself. I found I had a skill and a passion for getting the best deal, finding new and exciting excursions and making links with sports teams all over the world. It wasn't long before I established 'The Rugby Man'.

I never want any of my teams to feel as I did in that taxi in Berlin, following my 2012 tour. That's why you get a personal and dedicated service from 'The Rugby Man'. I treat every tour as if I'm going myself, and as if I'm part of your club. It often leaves me with an empty feeling when I realise I'm not catching the flight with your team.

By booking a tour with The Rugby Man you get a 24/7 service. I'll be on hand, no matter what happens (or indeed doesn't happen) on your tour and will bring my years of experience as a tourist and a tour manager to make sure your team has an unforgettable experience.

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The Great Wall of China, 2008: One of my many tours before becoming tour manager. I had no idea, back then, tour would become a way of life.

Berlin, 2012: My first tour as Tour Manager. The Rugby Man company was formulated at the end of this tour; treating each tour as if I was going myself.

Oxford University Squash and Rackets Club vs. Brown University, 2014: OUSRC's tour to the United States was The Rugby Man's first non-rugby tour. Many more successful tours were to follow...

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